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Polishing Cloth



Key Features
Dimension 30cm x 45cm
Made in UK
100% cotton

Maintain the beautiful sparkle. The original Silver Polishing Cloth that's kept silver sparkling since 1895!

The cloth removes tarnish from silver and is impregnated with anti-tarnish agents that give a lasting shine. The cloth is reusable and designed to last remaining effective as long as it is not washed. 


Latest Reviews

During lockdown the first thing I did in the morning was to put on a piece of your jewellery. It made me happy and a bit more normal. So thank you x 

C Hall

Having searched high and low for wedding jewellery I liked - nothing fitted the bill. Luckily I found Ginny D  who had the most perfect bracelet and earrings. They are lovely pieces of jewellery and every time I wear them it reminds me of that day. Thanks again.

Philippa R

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